MitoTHERM is a formula designed to help the body burn fat more efficiently by providing energy at the cellular level. Through a series of biochemical reactions, this formula delivers energy to the mitochondria in your muscles to help your body efficiently burn fat.

Everyone benefits from cellular energy and having healthy mitochondria supports healthy energy. Some may benefit more than others based on a number of factors, including your genetics.

The DNA Weight Management report identifies a few items related to lipid metabolism, obesity, body fat storage and decreased energy expenditure. MitoTHERM helps address lipid metabolism (APAO2 variants), body fat storage (FTO variants) and decreased energy expenditure (UPC1). 


Product Benefits

  • Speeds up fat metabolism
  • Actively targets visceral fat
  • Helps your body covert fat to energy
  • Highly bioactive and bioavailable ingredients

How It Works

MitoTHERM is a metabolic thermogenesis product with highly bioactive and bioavailable ingredients which means it helps the body burn fat efficiently by providing energy at the cellular level in the muscles.


Take 2 capsules in the morning or 30 minutes prior to morning exercise.