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Gut Health Triad
Gut Health Triad (“Pretrition”)
Experts agree that a healthy gut is a must-have, regardless of age, gender, or lifestyle.
The Gut Health Triad is how you start your new journey of having a greater Healthspan, by giving your microbiome the tools it needs to support a healthy digestion.
Studies show that a healthy digestive process can lead to better absorption of nutrients, which would include the vitamins and nutritional supplements you take.
Step One:
Choose a flavor of Cell Tides below to come with your Biome ADK and Nutralize.
Step Two:
Add the DNA Test Kit to your order (you only have to do this one time), so you can get started on your path to Ütrition, once your DNA test results and reports are available.


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Product Benefits

A synergistic formula that’s simple to take.

The Gut Health Triad includes:

  • Biome ADK: A unique formulation of vitamins (A, D3, and K2) plus postbiotic genius of CoreBiome® tributyrin, boosting energy and microbiome balance.
  • CellTides: A robust fiber that regulates digestion and increased overall health.
  • Nutralize: Packed with four key antioxidants, this supplement supports the immune system while fighting the visible effects of aging.

How It Works

Combining powerful antioxidants with postbiotics, nucleotides, and micronutrients, the Gut Health Triad gives you the power to take back your health.

Formulated to support digestive health, the Gut Health Triad will boost your overall wellness and health with these essential elements:

Nucleotides: The “building blocks” of DNA and RNA provide energy for cell signaling and transporting energy through your body, increasing your feelings of wellness.

Postbiotics: Beyond pre- and pro-biotics, postbiotics support your immune system while supporting intestinal health.

Antioxidants: Packed with some of the most potent antioxidants available today, such as xanthohumol, C60, PQQ, Curcumin C3 Reduct® and BioPerine®.
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Gut Health Triad