Ütrition LTE

Health Assessment

Stop guessing with the supplements you buy off the shelf and let us customize your nutrition based on this simple Health Assessment.

Once complete, you can order your customized nutrition today and ship it right to your door.

Ütrition LTE

Ütrition LTE is the "light" version of our flagship product Ütrition. Ütrition is a full DNA based (swab test required) customized supplement based on your unique genetic SNPs, but our light version doesn't require a DNA test, only this health assessment survey. However, Ütrition LTE also doesn't include nucleotides, nor does it include the powerful Coenzyme Q10 (as Ubiquinone) extracts (Utrition includes 2 versions).

The health assessment matches your answers to the formulation blends of Ütrition, and calculates, based on your answers, the most appropriate amounts used for your custom blend.

The full DNA Ütrition version is a superior product and outcome, but we understand that not everyone wants to take a DNA test.

Customized Capsules

We will deliver a customized supplement based on your health assessment and our proprietary blends of ingredients.

What to expect

Once you complete the simple health assessment survey (less than 5 minutes), we will provide a report with our suggested formulation, based on your responses.

We match the significant science behind our DNA customized version to determine, based on your answers, the best potential match to our unique blends. For example, if you deal with skin issues or rashes, it is likely that you have a mutated GSTP1 or MTHFR genes. We match the blend associated to those genes and blend them into your capsules.

The best and most accurate path to a customized formula is only through our DNA swab test, which you can purchase here.

If you order Ütrition LTE and you experience positive results, we highly recommend upgrading to the full version of Ütrition.