Includes DNA Test, Lab Fee, all four DNA Reports, and 1 of each of the basic Gut Health Triad products: Biome ADK, Nutralize, Celltides Chocolate.


Product Benefits

The DNA Basic + Triad includes:
  • Biome iX®: A unique formulation of vitamins (A, D3, and K2) plus CoreBiome® tributyrin, boosting energy and microbiome balance.
  • CellTides: Contains “nucleotides” the building block of DNA and RNA, coupled with probiotics.
  • ÜTRITION®: Your very own personalized supplement designed to help you live healthier and age better based on your own DNA.
  • Healthy Aging DNA Report: Actionable insight into your personal DNA. Includes 18 SNPs that highlight genetic opportunities for wellness support. 
  • Weight Management DNA Report: Includes 20 SNPs that highlight actionalbe insight into optimal weight management. 
  • Skincare DNA Report: Get to know your skin with a personalized DNA report focused on twenty-six, skin-centric, actionable SNPs.
  • Sports and Fitness DNA Report: Includes 24 SNPs that highlight genetic opportunities for optimal sports and fitness support.