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Pure Nucleotides Capsules

Nucleotides support the body's natural cell regeneration process which helps accelertate recovery from physical stress and injury. 
Research shows that Nucleotides can help optimize the immune system, tissue growth and cellular repair.


Product Description

Health benefits of nucleotides, and specifically “exogenous” (from the outside in) includes decades of studies and are well-documented.
They include:
•      Stimulate the natural cell activity in the body. 
•      Radiation injury therapy - Studies done on animals exposed to very high doses of radiation whether therapeutic or accidental show that animals given nucleotides had a vastly improved survival rate.
•      Tissue regeneration - In a study on rats that had 70% of their liver removed the animals receiving IV nucleic acids showed liver regeneration rates significantly higher than the untreated group
•      Growth and Development - In laboratory studies nucleotide-supplemented animals grew, developed, and increased muscle mass at a greater rate.
•      Wound Restoration - Nucleotides accelerate restoring wound tissue.
•      Human infants require dietary nucleotides for optimum health, development and wellbeing.
•      Human breast milk has a significantly higher content of nucleotides than cows’ milk and, as a result, has significant health benefits for the breast-fed baby. 
•      Nucleotides nurture a healthier profile of intestinal bacteria
•      In a study it was shown that infants receiving additional nucleotides were found to have higher HDL cholesterol levels.  Establishing higher HDL levels earlier in life could provide for cardiac protection.
•      The intestinal lining replaces all of its cells every seven days. 
•      Only a single layer thick this lining is highly dependent on a sufficient supply of nucleotides to completely regenerate each week.
•      The hair-like projections of the intestine are called villi. They are responsible for absorption of the nutrients. 
•      With the supplementation of nucleotides the appearance of the intestinal lining greatly improves and the regeneration of the height of the absorptive intestinal villi

How It Works

In this era of an increasingly enlightened public about the health benefits of nutritional supplements, there is a new area perhaps more overlooked than any other. This central area of health and nutrition is the ingestion of dietary nucleic acid bases, NUCLEOTIDES, which the essential building blocks of DNA and RNA.

The main reason these highly important nutrients have been neglected is that the body is able to manufacture nucleic acid bases from amino acids and other basic nutrients. In general, if the body can make a substance from other nutrients that substance has not been considered essential. However, under certain conditions, the body is not able to make enough nucleotides to support the needs of the body’s tissues and organs, with a drastic reduction in the potential for health.

Numerous studies in animals and humans show dramatic benefits in health, function, and survival with the supplementation of nucleic acid elements. These effects are so powerful that survival in life threatening assaults ranging from radiation to infection to shock has been markedly increased. From the standpoint of longevity studies, no single method has increased longevity more than supplementing DNA and RNA elements.

Nucleotide supplementation is thus one of the most rejuvenating, immune enhancing, and tissue supporting regimens ever to be discovered.
Numerous published scientific studies indicate very significant health benefits from DNA and RNA component supplementation. Almost every system of the body has documentation of improved health, vitality, or function from providing supplements of these fundamentally important cellular elements, from infancy to advanced age. The following is a brief summary from the vast literature supporting the many published benefits of nucleotide supplementation in the diet.


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