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Introducing Ütrition®
Made For You. By You.

Made for you, using your own SNPs
(Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms)
which are then used to analyze and build a nutritional formulation exclusively for you, by your unique genetic code, built into your DNA.

Cellular Health & Your DNA
How is biological age determined?

Your cells, telomeres and DNA all determine your biological age or healthspan.


Healthy cells have a soft, permeable cell membrane, allowing functioning nutrients to get inside and waste products to get out. This process of homeostasis also enables cells to protect themselves from pathogens and supports the natural process of cellular turnover. Cellular flexibility and permeability are also associated with reduced biological age (and increased healthspan).

In contrast, unhealthy cells have stiff, rigid, less permeable cell membranes. Since they do not function efficiently, these cells reduce the nutrients delivered to the cellular and keep waste inside. The result is decreased cellular energy and increased vulnerability to pathogens.


Telomeres are nucleotides on the ends of chromosomes. Think of them as the protective plastic tabs on the end of shoelaces that prevent them from unraveling.

Our DNA provides the code for how quickly healthy cells age and die. Our telomeres protect this DNA from damage. Unfortunately, the shorter they become due to epigenetic factors, the higher our biological age (aka decreased healthspan) and the more vulnerable we become to aging aggressively. Telomere lengthening and protection are well-researched subjects specific to increasing healthspan.

Your eyes, lips and fingerprints are the only ones in the world.

Make your nutrition as unique as you are.

No More Guessing
Now you can take action based on your own DNA

From TV commercials to friends and family, we are bombarded with suggestions about which vitamins and supplements to take. But how to know which nutrients your body needs?

Look no further than to the guru of you.

Your DNA can reveal your body's precise nutritional requirements. And we can turn these requirements into your own precise nutritional formula.
Made just for you.

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