Scientific Advisory Board

CJ Mertz, DC

Over the last thirty years Dr. CJ Mertz (aka “Coach”) has taught at more than eight-hundred and fifty seminars and trained nearly sixteen-thousand practitioners at thirty-six hundred private clinics worldwide. The unique patient education and communication systems designed by Dr. Mertz inspired his own clients to continue beyond corrective care plans into proactive wellness care.

His award-winning XLR8™ healthcare coaching program successfully developed more practices than any other healthcare coaching program in history. Dr. Mertz also launched Velocity Performance for executive teams and businesses ready to advance to the next level in sales, profit and customer service.

Dr. Mertz continues his commitment to constant and never-ending improvement for the wellness coaching industry with one goal: teaching healthcare teams how to serve more people and change their community's perspective to one of Optimal Health.

Toney Freeman

Toney Freeman is a veteran IFBB Pro bodybuilder who rose to fame as a regular finalist at the Mr. Olympia competition. Drawing from years of competitive weightlifting and personal experience with nutrition, Mr. Freeman is now passionate about supporting people reach their fitness goals through healthy diet and supplementation.

Freeman believes in leading by example, offering bodybuilding fitness and nutrition programs to his local community, as well as via speaking engagements to educate and inspire other bodybuilders and the public at large. His dedication is also displayed through ongoing fundraising benefitting the greater bodybuilding network.

Freeman has been a featured speaker at national and international bodybuilding conventions, including the Arnold Classic, the NPC Nationals, and the Muscle Beach Convention. He’s also been a cover model in major bodybuilding magazines: Muscle and Fitness, Ironman, MuscleMeds, Muscle Sports, Bodybuilding and Powerlifting World Series, amongst others. Mr. Freeman is also a professional writer, consultant and coach, whose advice is also featured in numerous DVDs.

Eric Nepute, DC

A graduate of Logan College of Chiropractic with advanced studies in sports medicine, advanced nutrition, applied kinesiology, functional neurology, internal health, and antiaging, Dr. Eric Nepute ("Dr. Eric") has committed his career to chiropractic wellness care.

Dr. Eric is a sought-after speaker in the health and wellness community, speaking on topics ranging from stress management to how to live a pain-free life. He has helped businesses both large and small save hundreds of thousands of dollars by assisting in their health and wellness programs. His unique ability to simplify complex health issues has brought Dr. Eric to the top of his field. Dr. Eric's workshop programs have been called "educational, motivational, and inspirational” by Dr. Bob Hoffman, author of The New York Times best seller, Discover Wellness.

Michael Epitropoulos, DC, PhD

In practice for over thirty-five years, Dr. Epitropoulos holds doctorate degrees in Chiropractic and Applied Clinical Nutrition with extensive, specialized training in applied kinesiology, Contact Reflex Analysis, and energy medicine.

Dr. Epitropoulos is a contributor to two books and multiple natural health publications; has been a host on multiple health-focused radio shows; and a clinical nutrition educator at colleges in North Carolina, Michigan and Florida.

Speaking all over the country, including at chiropractic conventions, Dr. Epitropoulos teaches providers how to incorporate natural methodologies into their practices.

Dr. Epitropoulos has done extensive research for over seventeen years in the areas of nucleotide science and gut health.

He is currently in private practice in Ormond Beach Florida where people seek his expertise from all over the United States.