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5 Smart Ways to Boost Fat Metabolism

While a higher metabolism sounds great, how does it work? 

Activating metabolism relies on numerous triggers. With the combination of correct nutrients plus regular physical activity, metabolism gradually increases, boosting your body’s ability to burn fat. And boosted fat burning is a boon for better weight management. 

These five healthy habits are especially effective in supporting fat metabolism: 

1. Hydration

Our bodies need water to keep our metabolism functioning properly. While the exact number of daily ounces can vary, follow one of these guidelines to make sure you’re getting enough: 


  • Drink at least 10 glasses of water a day. 
  • Divide your body weight (pounds) in half and drink that amount of water (in ounces). For example, a person weighing 180lbs would aim to drink 90oz of water per day.
  • 2 glasses of water per meal (or snack). 
2. Exercise

Movement is another integral tool in increasing metabolism. But don’t rely too heavily on one type of exercise. Try to incorporate both strength and cardiovascular activities into your weekly routine. 

Strength training

Building muscle increases your resting metabolic rate (the number of calories you burn while resting). The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn. 

Aim to train three days per week. Emphasizing “leg day,” will have the greatest impact on your metabolism. 

Cardiovascular training

Raising cardiovascular endurance increases your metabolism from an overall health standpoint. 

Train by running, biking, jogging, or high-intensity interval training (HIIT) — anything that gets your heart rate up. Aim for at least three intense cardio sessions per week.

Don’t know where to start? Set a goal to walk a mile every day, then build your routine from there.

3. Diet 

While there are many types of diets to choose from, consider "diet" a balanced lifestyle choice. Aim to eat real food, in a variety of colors. Limit or eliminate sugar and highly processed options. 

With any meal, prioritize portion control. Going overboard is never a good choice. Also, if you eat a typical Western higher carb diet, eating smaller meals more frequently keep your metabolism better activated. 

Caffeine is a great metabolizer when used with exercise, but should also be taken in moderation, and only when daily water consumption is more than adequate (since caffeine also dehydrates and, as you learned in tip #1, hydration is also key).

4. Sleep

Without proper sleep, your body can't recover, which means your metabolism can't perform at its best. Whether you function well on 6 or 8 hours of sleep, make sure you’re prioritizing rest so your metabolism can function well too.

5. Supplements

While several metabolism booster vitamins and supplements work effectively, L-Carnitine Tartrate is one that targets fat metabolism. This amino acid derived from protein helps the body turn fat into energy. 

We formulated MitoTHERM, to include the best sources of metabolism boosting support available in supplement form. In addition to Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCL, chosen for its ability to help supply energy to muscles and increase fat loss, MitoTHERM also contains the following ingredients with the goal of encouraging:

  • Visceral fat (mainly abdomen) loss (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)
  • Fat loss via antioxidant support - plus concentration (Green Tea Extract)
  • Fat burning (Medium Chain Triglycerides C8 Powder)
  • Brown and white adipose tissue loss (Grains of Paradise Extract)
  • Trace minerals to support loss of minerals during perspiration. 

If you’re exercising, eating healthy, sleeping sound, and drinking water, you’re priming your body to utilize fat properly. Adding a fat metabolism booster supplement such as MitoTHERM, means you and your metabolism can go the extra mile.